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2A Helm Ct, Epping VIC 3076
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New Homes and Renovations

beOnd electrical is the local leader for all your home electrical needs.

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Our home is usually our biggest financial asset, the place where we keep our most important assets — our loved ones. Whether you’re building a new home or making careful renovations, you’ll want to feel confident that its electrical systems pose no hazards to your most cherished valuables. Every project we
complete fully complies with all applicable codes and regulations to ensure your family’s safety as well as protection from liability, but we prefer to far exceed those minimal expectations.

beOnd ellectrical is known across Victoria for the care its professional staff takes in designing and installing residential electrical systems — whether it’s the entire project, a series of repairs or replacements, a few installations or a small upgrade. Your family’s safety is always our primary goal, but our innovators will advise on the most energy-efficient approach to handling an ever-growing roster of electrical devices and providing you with options heading into the future.

Society’s reliance on emerging, global tech in work, play and leisure has turned homes into sophisticated telecommunication hubs. Let beOnd plumbing & electrical demonstrate how we can minimise your worries about keeping up and maximise your budget to give you the smart home of your dreams. Give us a call today, and we’ll get right to work on designing customised solutions for all of your electrical needs.

Typical Services for New Homes

Building the smart home of your dreams? beOnd will craft an electrical plan to support the activities your family wants to do, wherever they like to do them.

  • Customise a full-service electrical plan for the entire home
  • Customise full-service wiring throughout the home
  • Install outlets where they will work best for you and your family
  • Design the panel and switchboard to cover all of your uses and leave options for future expansion Incorporate all appropriate safety elements and surge protection to protect your home, family and
  • Design and install alarm systems
  • Design and install telecommunications systems with options for future expansion
    Install and set up appliances and smart appliances
  • Design and install outdoor lighting for security and ambience
BeOnd Electrical - Melbourne Electrician
BeOnd Electrical - Melbourne Electrician

Typical Services for Renovations

A renovation is a great time to reconfigure the electrical plan of your home to fit the way you actually use your home. We’ll ask the right questions to refit your home to your uses.

  • Inspect existing electrical systems and triage any problems
  • Full redesign of electrical systems to customise for your planned uses
  • Install full electrical systems and wiring
  • Accommodate expanded technological demands for electricity and telecommunication access and
    leave room for future expansion
  • Upgrade or replace current components, switchboards, meters and panels, as needed
  • Upgrade or replace fixtures, as needed
  • Expand and reassess customised outlet placement
  • Design and install telecommunications systems with options for future expansion
  • Install and set up appliances and smart appliances

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    All Electrical work must be done by a qualified licensed electrician.