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2A Helm Ct, Epping VIC 3076
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Commercial Shop Fit-out

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Whatever your business, your shop is the heart through which the most important work flows. Faulty electrical systems can start fires, damage machinery, cause expensive delays and threaten the continuity of operations. Time is money, and improper, inadequate or incompetent electrical systems will waste them both. Whether it’s correcting defects or a full commercial fit-out, you need an electrical service you can depend on to perform high-quality work at an affordable price.

beOnd electrical is known throughout Victoria as innovators focused on continuous improvement, working on projects across all commercial and industrial sectors. All of our licensed tradespeople work directly for us — they are never contracted through third parties — so we can control the quality of their methods, products and work.

Why choose BeOnd Electrical?

Friendly team

Reliable service

Competitive pricing

Assistance with maintenance and repairs

On the Cutting Edge

Our experienced professionals study the cutting edge of technology to design and implement systems that exceed your electrical needs and accommodate your plans for future expansion, no matter the type of business. An electrical team that can help optimise the way you use your industry’s technology and
help keep it running smoothly is a valuable partner. Smarter approaches to energy efficiency can help your bottom line by cutting energy bills, and more sustainable approaches can address your customers’ environmental concerns.

beOnd wants to help you innovate and lead in your own field, and we’ll set you up with the electrical tools to do so. Give us a call today to discuss your project with our knowledgeable staff. Let us show you how our solutions for your electrical needs will help improve your processes.

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Typical Commercial Fit-out Projects

beOnd electrical can handle all your commercial electrical needs, from routine maintenance to a complete fit-out.

  • Customise complete fit-out for your new commercial shop, from floor to rafters
  • Customise complete redesign
  • Install panels, switchboards, meters, fixtures, outlets, specialised equipment
  • Inspect, test and provide reports for appliances and equipment
  • Repair and maintain new or existing systems
  • Optimise voltage for anticipated uses
  • Design and install telecommunications systems throughout the space
  • Design and install alarm systems
  • Design and install lighting for specialised uses
  • Recommend and implement cost- and energy-saving solutions
  • Install exit and emergency lighting
  • Design and install generator and backup systems
  • Provide routine and reactive maintenance

Examples of our Commercial Experience

beOnd electrical has reworked systems for commercial projects as diverse as heavy industry and aged care homes

  • Commercial and retail — supermarkets, restaurant and fast food, carparks
  • Industrial — airport and commercial refuelling
  • Government and councils — information centres, prisons, police stations, community housing,
    schools, aquatic centre, YMCA
  • Education — universities and state schools, primary schools, early learning
  • Aged care
  • Multi-family complex and high rises — apartments, hotels
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    All Electrical work must be done by a qualified licensed electrician.