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2A Helm Ct, Epping VIC 3076
24 Hours, 7 Days a Week
BeOnd Electrical - Melbourne Electrician

Emergency Electrician

Always assess an electrical emergency and involve the authorities for imminent danger, but give beOnd a call to get your home or business running smoothly again!

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beOnd electrical provides experienced electricians for your residential and commercial emergency needs. Our tradespeople are fully licensed and knowledgeable about issues ranging from a frayed cord to a burned-out electrical panel. Your safety is our number one concern, and our foremost goal is protecting your family, your home, your business and your livelihood. We foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement to work out creative solutions to an ever-changing electrical landscape, and we’ll design solutions that suit your needs.

Please call now for immediate 24/7 assistance. We offer a money-back guarantee and a lifetime workmanship warranty on all types of electrical work.
Let us take the stress of your electrical emergency and give you peace of mind.

What to Do in an Electrical Emergency

If you can see electricity arcing or have been injured, call the authorities immediately. If the situation is safe to do so, give beOnd electrical a call any time of day or night for a licensed electrician to be dispatched to address the problem

  • If you suspect you’re having an electrical problem, do not touch any of the equipment. If you can do so safely, shut down the circuit breaker and call for a certified electrician immediately.
  • Do not touch a person you suspect is receiving an electrical shock — turn off the power supply and use a non-conductive material to separate him or her from the source.
  • If the danger has already escalated, leave the building and call emergency services immediately.
  • Never touch a fallen power line or equipment receiving visible voltage. Contact authorities immediately and keep others away from the area.
  • Never throw water on an electrical fire. Use a fire extinguisher instead to douse the flames. Turn off any appliances that are smoking or aflame and the relevant circuit breaker or main switch. Call emergency services.
BeOnd Electrical - Melbourne Electrician
BeOnd Electrical - Melbourne Electrician

Typical Signs of Major Electrical Problems

If you see any of these signs of major electrical problems, take action immediately. beOnd  electrical will be happy to solve your electrical issues, 24/7.

  • Inspect existing electrical systems and triage any problems
  • Appliances often vibrate or become warm to the touch during use, but the outlet should not.
  • Flickering, buzzing or dimming lights could mean a loose light bulb in a single lamp, but widespread issues could indicate a serious problem that needs immediate attention.
  • It isn’t a problem if your circuit breaker trips, but if it happens more than twice a month, it may need attention.
  • A burning or other odd smell could mean the wiring has melted the sheath, so unplug the offending appliance or turn off the circuit breaker and call for help.
  • If you receive a shock from a metal object connected to your home, you may have a grounding problem.
  • A loose outlet, scorching, smoke or discolouration can lead to shorts and fire hazards.
  • Signs of rodent activity around wiring can mean they’ve chewed through wires, compromising electrical systems.

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    All Electrical work must be done by a qualified licensed electrician.