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Electrical Switchboard Upgrade in Melbourne

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Is it time to upgrade or replace your electrical switchboard?

Is it time to upgrade or replace your electrical switchboard? Using old and potentially dangerous electrical systems in your home or office puts your family or employees at risk. Nonetheless, many people continue using these high-risk switchboards as they’re unaware of the various dangers.

Home safety is important, and we, therefore, recommend an electrical switchboard upgrade in Melbourne. Our experts will come to you to conduct a free, no-obligation switchboard safety inspection. If there are any problems or warning signs, we’ll let you know if you need an upgrade or repair.

Why choose BeOnd Electrical?

Friendly Team

Friendly team

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Reliable service

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Competitive pricing

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Assistance with maintenance and repairs

Signs You May Need An Upgrade or Repair

For the safety of your family, it’s critical that you know if your switchboard is functioning properly. Statistics show that 20% of all fires are caused by electrical fires. Below are some signs that we may need to do an electrical switchboard replace in Melbourne or surrounding areas:
  • If you still have a fuse box instead of a switchboard.
  • If you’re renovating a house that’s over a decade old.
  • If there are any signs of the panel being burned, singed, or emitting an odour.
  • If you’re using a lot more appliances or extensions than before.
  • If your lights are flickering, or if your breakers are tripping regularly.
If your electrical switchboard shows any of these signs, it’s a good reason to call us to check your panel.
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FAQs Regarding Your Electrical Switchboard in Domestic Melbourne

There are many misconceptions about electrical switchboards that are important to address. At BeOnd Electrical, we strive for your safety in your home.

Here are some frequently asked questions about switchboards:

The switchboard in your home acts as the brain to the body. It controls all the functions of your house, including your lights, geyser, and so on. It’s very important that your electrical circuits are functioning efficiently, as your home’s entire system and your energy costs depend on it.

We’re often asked this question. It is necessary to replace your fuse box, despite it seeming to be in working order. Fuse technology is well over 100 years old and was not designed to handle our current electrical needs. They’re also less safe, as today’s electrical switchboards come with circuit breakers and safety switches to prevent electrical fires or other dangerous problems.

Some people think that if they have circuit breakers, there’s no need for safety switches. While breakers protect electrical circuits from overloaded current, they do not protect you from electrocution. Safety switches are very sensitive and cut power to a circuit almost instantly to ensure no one is harmed.

We recommend having your switchboard tested regularly. Like all electrical equipment, switchboards are subject to wear and tear. Call us for a free switchboard inspection, especially if you experience any of the problems listed previously.

Our team proudly offers a completely free, no-obligation electrical safety inspection. Our friendly staff will come to your home at your convenience and test your circuit to see if it’s operating efficiently. We’ll give you a report and make any necessary recommendations.

Choosing BeOnd Electrical

We’re locally owned and operated and started in 2015 with over 16 years in the industry. Our friendly and professional technicians are all skilled and certified, with a mission to serve each client with top-quality service. Being fully registered with Energy Safe Victoria (ESV), you can rest assured that we’re the reliable choice to handle your electrical needs.

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