Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide has been named the “Silent Killer” due to the fact it cannot be seen or smelt and when consumed in large enough quantities by the body can cause severe illness or death.

As a by-product of the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels, faulty gas appliances contribute to a significant proportion of the carbon monoxide poisonings in Australia each year.

Risk Management

With many years of experience, and having members of our team trained specifically for Carbon Monoxide detection means we are the experts in risk management and high volume gas heater maintenance.

beOnd plumbing can offer you a tailored, specialised plan and solution to meet your specific need. Whether it be your investment property, office or your home gas appliance, our licensed gas plumbers use industry leading equipment and knowledge to protect landlords, agencies, properties and most importantly lives, against the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Energy Safe Victoria and the Real Estate Institute of Victoria recommend testing of gas appliances every 2 years, here at beOnd we recommend annually as well as have a carbon monoxide detector installed!

We are the only company working in partnership with Honeywell as their Preferred Supplier and installer, Victoria wide. Honeywell recommends that property managers engage an independent, licensed contractor to carry out the testing of carbon monoxide and servicing of gas appliances in rental properties to ensure they are safe to use and not leaking carbon monoxide.

What do we offer?

We offer a comprehensive, market leading package where one of our highly trained technicians will come to your home or office and conduct out 3 point Carbon Monoxide assessment. A carbon monoxide test will be conducted throughout the property to determine if any CO levels are detected… From here we will asses and service your heating unit to ensure no immediate dangers can result in any faults or issues. And then a Honey well carbon monoxide detector will be installed, these can monitor your home or office for the deadly gas around the clock and sound an alarm if dangerous levels are reached.

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